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Using Clickers to Increase Student Preparation and Engagement in Learning

Brief Introduction to Clickers

  • Note the kinds of transparency in administering the quiz.
  • Program allows anonymous polling with instant charting.

Pedagogical Values in a Simple Quiz Use of Clickers

  • Quizzing and the Tradition of "Exhortation to Read" in the Humanities
  • Diagnostic Uses
  • Snapshot of student preparation in real time
  • Value to professors to be specific about expectations
  • Motivating Better and High Levels of Reading
  • "Calibrating" Reading expectations progressively
  • Transparency of Reading "Saturation" (80% of class >= 80% correct)
  • Decrease in Class Time spent teaching to the unread

Other Uses of Clickers

  • Student Paced Mode for Exams
  • Testing reading of texts not discussed in class.
  • Polling & Anonymous Polling
  • Integration into Class Flow. Questions based on class activities such as lecture, group work, etc.
  • Automated Attendance
  • "Clicking In" at public events

Discussion & Questions

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  • Plugging in to Blackboard or Using Native Gradebook