Vegetarianism Research - Fall 2007

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Topic: Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell

Finding and Link: ("Vegetarianism in a Nutshell." The Vegetarian Resource Group. 23 Oct. 2007 <>.) <>

POV of Source: The group aims at educating people about being a vegetarian. This particular link seems to focus on facts rather than opinions.

Summary/Reconstruction: This article is very helpful when explaining the definition of what it means to be a vegetarian or vegan. It discusses the change it takes to become a vegetarian, nutrition requirements for adults and children, and gives a variety of recipes. It also provides literature for further research, teaching resources, and things you can substitute for meat.

Your Name: Alex Gatley Gatley 12:21, 23 October 2007 (PDT)


Finding and Link: ("Vegetarianism." Kids Health: for Parents. 24 Oct. 2007 <>

POV/Source: This article is fairly neutral. They just discuss the health pros and cons of being a vegetarian.

Summary/Reconstruction: This article explains the different types of vegetarians and the pros and cons of each type. It then explains the health risks of children who are vegetarians as they grow up and mature. Finally, it explains to parents how to supplement and make sure hteir children are getting the essential vitamins and minerals without meat in their diet.

Your Name: Crystal Huff 7:33, 24 October 2007 (PDT)

Should We All Be Vegetarians?


POV/Summary This article is fairly neutral and tries to describe both sides of the argument. It also talks a lot about how many Americans are still not clear about what vegetarianism is. It also talks about how since vegetarianism has become popular, meat companies are now starting to use leaner and healthier meat.

Your Name Lynn Wilson

Sports Nutrition for Vegetarian Athletes

Finding and Link: (Weber, Sabine. "Sports Nutrition for Vegetarian Athletes." Nutrition. 2003. Adirondack Sports and Fitness. 23 Oct 2007.

POV of source: This article is neutral and supplies athletes with the information about what is needed for a vegetarian athlete.

Summary/Reconstruction: This article talks about how vegetarian athlete faces many challenges. As all athletes, proper nutrition will directly affect athletic performance. For vegetarians, planning ahead and having variety is essential for proper nutrition and to meet all nutrient needs. The diet must rely on a variety of plant foods including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and dairy and eggs for some vegetarians. The vegetarian diet may lack adequate energy, protein, calcium, zinc, and iron. By properly planning, all of these things can be obtained. If this is done properly, there are even some benefits of being a vegetarian athlete.

Your name Dustin Lehman 10:34, 22 October 2007 (PDT)

Article Link

My Beef with Vegetarianism


POV/SummaryThis article is arguing against vegetarianism and gives some good historical data about famous vegetarians from the past and their reasons for choosing the veggies. Using these examples, the article counters that there is not a scarcity of meat and examples why we should continuing eating it.

Your Name Elle Sweeney

Organization Edit: Crystal Huff

20 Questions About Vegetarianism

Finding and Link Cloe, Renee. "20 Questions About Vegetarianism." Nutrition Made Easy. 20 Oct 2007 <>.

POV of article The article has a neutral point of view and just attempts to answers popular questions about vegetarianism.

Reconstruction/Summary In this article, Renee Cloe, a certified personal trainer, answers twenty questions regarding the ever popular topic of vegetarianism. Her answers to the various questions are quite neutral, focusing on educating others on the world of vegatarianism rather than creating a environment of guilt for those who consume meat products.

Your name here (Landry Nyandamu)

Why Vegetarians Are Not Just Liberal Morons

link Dotree, Phil. "Why Vegetarians Are Not Just Liberal Morons." Associated Content. 27 Apr 2007. 24 Oct 2007<>.

POV The author tries to keep his opinions nuetral, but some of his ideas are left winged.

Reconstruction Summary In "Why Vegetarians Are Not Just Liberal Morons", Phill Dotree explains his point of view supporting vegetarianism. He claims that most vegetarians have a noble cause, they want to treat animals humanely and for the lives and deaths of animals not to be brutal. The author is disagrees with anti-vegetarianism and beleives that there is no persuasive or meaningful article against vegetarians. The only reason that comes to his mind is that "Meat is delicious"(art 9). The authors main points are that vegetarians have principles and that meat is manfactured inhumanely.

Derek Davis


link Singer, Peter. "Vegetarianism." The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, Oxford, 1995, p. 897

POV This passage provides historical information and mainly supports the pros of vegetarianism.

Reconstruction/Summary Peter Singer, the author of "Vegetarianism", outlines key groups and individuals throughout history who were against the consumption of meat. He explains the thought process and reasoning that has led so many to choose a vegetarian lifestyle. In the second part of his passage he talks about the more recent reasons why people have given up meat all together.

John Duffy