What is Black Friday?

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6 facts about the main holiday of discounts 1. The black friday, is the day of sales and discounts in the United States after Thanksgiving. Falls on the fourth Friday of November. On this day, stores not only offer the maximum of their discounts, but also open as early as possible (and close as late as possible) in order to fully satisfy demand and earn more money. 2. "Black Friday" is not a day off. At least officially. But in some states, officials have the right not to go to work that day, and schoolchildren and students - to study. Since the 1930s, commercial organizations have noted that on this day most of their employees take days off or sick leave, so unofficially the whole country still goes shopping. 3. "Black Friday" is considered the start of the pre-Christmas season. Firstly, this is the last big day off before Christmas, and secondly, since the 1900s, department stores such as American Macy's and Canadian Eaton's have held special holiday parades on Thanksgiving Day - for advertising purposes, of course. The parades traditionally ended with the appearance of Santa Claus - they say, Christmas is just around the corner. The next day, grateful customers went shopping. As a result, they are used to buying gifts at discounts right after Thanksgiving, and retailers have an unwritten rule to open the season of Christmas sales no earlier than Black Friday. 4. However, in 2011, Macy's themselves violated this rule. Obviously, the earlier a store opens, the more it will have time to sell. And if earlier shops instead of 8 in the morning opened at 6, sometimes at 5, and then even at 4 o'clock, then Macy's decided to first open at midnight, and then completely switched to non-stop working hours, starting from Thursday evening. For this very Thursday, they came up with the designation "gray". 5. Customers are also not a miss - those who want to have time to buy everything they need not only take queues and come under the store a few hours before the opening, but sometimes they even set up whole tent camps there. Sometimes, this led to sad consequences - for example, there were cases of death from carbon dioxide in the car. People, without knowing it, blocked fire and emergency exits. Sometimes they just fought in lines. In general, since 2006 in the United States during Black Friday, 7 people were killed and 98 were injured. Now, in some states, it is forbidden to pitch tents in front of shops. 6. There are several versions of why Black Friday is called Black. The first says that it was dubbed by the police in Philadelphia for the terrible traffic jams that day back in 1961. There is a possibility that this day owes its name to accountants: as you know, they denote losses in documents in red, and profits in black. This Friday, the retailer's red records allegedly always turned black.