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English Designer Creates Espresso Machine That Uses No Electricity

The Espresso coffee machine is one of the best espresso maker created by UK designer Patrick Hunt, provides espresso coffee made with clean and efficient energy all the time. Portable and operated by a lever, the coffee machine can be used wireless at home, office and anywhere else, since it requires no electricity.

Problems with power outages are common, but even that does not happen often, these are moments that we realize the importance of this source of energy and how we are dependent on her day-to-day.

Thinking about it, the British designer created this machine that works without electricity. To use it simply supply the equipment with boiling water, add favorite espresso in the portafilter and press the metal rod down.

The Englishman had observed that the traditional espresso machines consume so much energy, even when they were off, so the design of this coffee machine is triggered manually. The process of making coffee with this system requires only a small amount of energy. The greater part of its strategy is to bring back some of the ritual and traditions in the shape of a cup of coffee.

The machine, environmentally friendly, made of polished aluminum and the designers hope to inspire their customers to recycle it at the end of its life cycle. It decreases its environmental footprint and their energy consumption.

The product is sold in several countries at an average price of $ 150.00. Based on a survey conducted the machine serves us as one of the best espresso maker when it comes to its durability.