Fall 2015 Happiness Section 1 (1:15) Student Introductions

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Go ahead and demonstrate your wiki skills along with a brief introduction to your classmates. You might choose to copy and paste the following header:

Alfino, Mark

Introduction: Originally from the East coast, I studied philosophy at The University of Texas at Austin in the 1980s and have worked at Gonzaga since 1989. I am married and have two adult sons, Christopher and Nicholas. I have taught a wide range of philosophical topics, especially focusing on practical philosophy, including ethics, happiness, and wisdom. Currently, I am working on topics in Philosphy of Culture and the nature of food.

Futch, Janelle

I was born and raised in Southern California. My major is Psychology, but only got to that point after switching my major twice; I was a little indecisive. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Once I finish this semester I'll be done with my undergraduate degree. I plan on moving back to So Cal and taking a year off before I begin applying to Graduate school.

Hoitink, Matt

Originally, I was born in Fort Wayne, IN, and grew up in Everett, WA, and Kennewick, WA. I'm a senior pursuing a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Psychology, and I am on the Gonzaga Men's Rowing team. I really just like learning about and doing many different things. I'll be graduating in the Spring 2017 with zero idea of what I want to do. I've narrowed it down to veterinary school, medical school, and ecology school.

Friedman, Matt

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA with my mom, dad, and 2 brothers and 1 sister. I study English and Psychology here at Gonzaga, and I minor in Philosophy. I read a lot, I play drums, I record and perform music, I like to draw, and I write various pieces of fiction and non-fiction. I currently work as a shophand in the Magnuson Theater scene shop, as a tutor in the writing center, and as the editor and graphic designer of Gonzaga's Reflection journal. All this information leads me to believe that I will be homeless when I graduate from Gonzaga, or living with my parents back in LA if they are gracious enough. Who can say.

Chase, Cameron

I am from Spokane, WA. I have 1 younger brother and come from a very large family. I am an Accounting major and plan to pursue my Master's through Gonzaga's MAcc program during my fifth year. I work in the admissions office where I deal with GPA calculations for applicants and data entry for prospective students. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball and being social with friends.

Chamberlain, Maggie

I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon and lived with my parents, brother, and dog Starbuck. I'm studying human physiology and hope to go to physical therapy school in the future. I love playing intramurals and volunteering at physical therapy clinics or hospitals. I studied abroad in Zambia the summer after my sophomore year and hope to go abroad again after I graduate from Gonzaga.

Mills, Shelby

Snohomish, Washington native and Seattle enthusiast who found that Gonzaga would be a great place to pursue both education and running. I am studying biology with the hopes of attending medical school once I begin to get my life in order, which will likely be after a year of some "real life" experiences. When I am not running or thinking about running I like to spend my free time with family and friends.

Morgan Gieck

I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado (just an hour south of Denver, CO). I am the youngest of 3- one older brother one older sister. My step-dad is in the U.S. Army and is currently stationed in Virginia, he is also a Zag (class of '95). I am a Psychology major with a double minor in Sociology and Criminal Justice and am hoping to continue my education getting either my masters in Forensic Psychology or Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in trauma. I am also an avid yogi and have had a regular yoga and meditation practice for about 6 years now.

Sarah Bradley

I am from Bellevue, Washington. I have two brothers and one sister. My family just recently got a new puppy named Max. I am majoring in Business Administration with a double concentration in Management Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain Management. I plan to attend graduate school after graduating in May. I am also on the volleyball team here at Gonzaga University.

Nick Minteer

I grew up in Lake Tapps Washington, which is just south of Seattle, with one younger brother. I am a senior and have an offer to work for Liberty Mutual Insurance out of college. There I will work in their Seattle office as a financial analyst. I played on the baseball team here at Gonzaga. In my spare time I enjoy snow skiing, wake boarding, and working out. I also plan on getting my MBA after working several years at Libery Mutual.

Cannon, Keely

My hometown is San Juan Capistrano, California. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. I am majoring in Accounting and am planning to stay a 5th year at Gonzaga to pursue my Masters and sit for the CPA exam. In my spare time I enjoy sailing and being with my friends and family.

Harding, Kate

I grew up in Kirkland, Washington and lived with my mom, dad, and our pug, Bean. I am majoring in Accounting, Finance, and Operations Management. After graduation in May, I plan to take my CPA exam and begin working as an auditor in public accounting. In my free time I like to do hot yoga.

Kirdahy, Anna

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA but my parents are both from New York. I have an older sister who graduated from Gonzaga in 2013 and golden retriever named Scout. I am a senior majoring in Civil Engineering and hope to one day design roads or building structures. In my free time I enjoy cooking, baking, and yoga.

Fritzen, Madeline

I was born in Seattle, but moved to Bellingham, WA during elementary school. I am an only child graduating in May with an Environmental Studies major, but plan on seeing the world before deciding what career path to pursue. In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, exercising and spending time with friends and family.

Crone-Lombardi, Angela

I have resided in Washington my whole life, however I currently live in the small town of Bonney Lake. I am a senior Psychology major with a general minor in music. I am interested in potentially pursuing a PhD degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in the near future and will be taking the GRE exam this Friday for graduate application requirements. I have a passion for horseback riding and singing, I also enjoy to read, write and I occasionally play the guitar/piano.

Seifert, Laura

I grew up in Redmond, Washington and I have a little brother and two dogs. I am a Biology and English major with a Philosophy minor and a fifth year senior. I hope to go to a Master's program in Conservation Biology after I graduate from Gonzaga this May. In my spare time I like to read, drink some good beer with some yummy pizza, go on a run, ski (when the snow is good), and do yoga (not necessarily in that order and definitely not at the same time).

Andersen, Chase

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA with my mom, dad, and younger brother who is going into his senior year of high school. I am a Senior Business major with concentrations in Marketing and Financing, my goal is to use both these concentrations to one day become a buyer or seller for a clothing brand or a clothing store. In general I love to go for bike rides, listen to music and search the internet for new clothing brands and stores that are doing something I believe to be different and special.

Sullivan, Ryan

I was born and raised in a family of 5 just outside of Seattle in Redmond, WA I am majoring in marketing and finance and am uncertain of what sort of career I want after my time here at Gonzaga. I am a professional photographer and work for the University as well as freelance for other publications or companies. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing and yoga.

Winterle, Matt

I'm a senior civil engineering major from Philadelphia, PA. I am the oldest of four with two sisters and a brother. I've spent every summer growing up on the New Jersey shore (no I've never met snooki) life guarding and enjoying time with family and friends. In my free time I do anything that doesn't involve me being in the Herak building.

Staeheli, Ian

I was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, but was raised for most of my life in Tacoma, Washington alongside my younger sister who is just starting her freshman year at the University of Portland. I am an Economics major with minors in Math and Finance, but have no post-graduation plans as of yet. I just finished a summer interning with a financial firm in Seattle, and came to the realization that finance isn't the industry for me. I'm hoping inspiration will strike me soon, but in the mean time I'm considering being a raft guide after graduation next summer.

Yates, Melanie

I am a senior biology major, and I am also pre-med. I am an only child and grew up in New Brighton, Minnesota (pretty much in Minneapolis). I spent most of my summer studying for the MCAT's and applying to medical schools, as well as working at a lab called the Visible Heart Lab under the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota. It was one of the most fascinating jobs I have ever had, and truly solidified my passion for becoming a doctor. I am also a tennis player here at Gonzaga, so most of the time you will find me one the court or studying!

Folger, Paige

I am a senior Econ major from Napa California. I have two sister and a little brother. As of now I do not have any major plans after college. I play volleyball here at Gonzaga and I took a redshirt year my freshman year so I have an extra season to figure out my future plans.

Morrell, Megan

I am from Sun Valley, Idaho and am currently in denial that I'm a senior at Gonzaga. I love to watch and play all sports but especially soccer. I have really small feet for my height. My favorite TV show is Friends and my favorite book is the 7th Harry Potter.

Tennesen, Meggie

I'm from Lewiston, Idaho, and I'm the youngest of three. I'm also pretty positive I'm the youngest person in this class! I have a very analytical mind, so I decided to minor in philosophy to push me out of my comfort zone and to expand my ways of thinking. I love reading and writing (so good thing I'm majoring in English and minoring in history and philosophy), and currently I have no idea what I'm going to do after school. My plan used to be law school, but I'm not so sure about that anymore. Maybe I'll move to Cambridge and be a punter.

Toohey, Dominic

I grew up in San Juan Capistrano, California and I have two older sisters. I am an Environmental major with minors in Spanish, Philosophy, and History. I love to travel and to learn new languages, so that's what I plan on doing after school! In my free time I like to play video games, watch baseball, and play any type of sport. I am going to apply to the Peace Corps at the end of this year and hope to go to Latin America and work in the agricultural and/or educational sectors.