Fall 2009 Philosophy Proseminar Faith & Reason Seminar

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We'll try a seminar style approach to readings for this class, using a variety of sources and only requiring a few of them for the class. You should read the required readings AND pick one or two of the other readings as well. We'll try to use the "talk page" (discussion tab above) for pre-class discussion and additional posting.


Routledge Encyclopedia Articles on Faith and Reason: Faith and reason: the rationality of faith and 4 Faith and reason: the relation of faith to theorizing (required)
John Paul, Fides et Ratio
Michael Tkacz, Faith, Reason, & Science: The View from the Catholic Tradition (required)
Antony Flew, Theology & Falsification
Summary of William James' approach to religious belief
Justin Barrett, Cognitive Science of Religion (required)

Major Questions

  • What is the general relationship between faith and reason?
  • Is faith "rational"?
  • How can reason be used to study faith?
  • What is faith "based on" epistemologically?