Fall 2010 Critical Thinking Research Topics

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Topics for Fall 2011

Finding Format

A "finding" is just a particular result of research work. An article, book, website, report, etc. can each be a "finding" it you decide that the source plays some significant role in the inquiry. When you are ready to post a finding, click on the edit tab above, copy from the line below through the four dash ("-") signs, and then paste it in for each finding you plan to post.

Finding Title

(For example, "Harms of Global Warming" or "General Book on Global Warming". Consider subtitles to give your finding some specificity)

Finding and Link (Citation in MLA format, with enduring link if possible, at least with as much publication information as you have.)

Summary/Reconstruction (Identify key ideas, reconstruct arguments and explanations, indicate the type of information you found -- research, news, background, editorial, etc. Pay particular attention to the point of view of the source or publication.)

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