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  1. Acquire knowledge about the structure and state of the discipline of philosophy.
  2. Improve skills in research, argumentation, and philosophical methods.
  3. Find and develop your philosophical voice.

Course Description

Philosophy Proseminar

This proseminar is designed for newly declared majors, but is useful for majors who have completed some of their requirements. We use the seminar for a variety of purposes: to learn some important points in logic, philosophical method, research skills, and to acquire an overview of the profession. However, the most important goal of the seminar is to help you develop your philosophical voice, identity, and confidence. To that end, we will look at a variety of philosophical styles and methods. In choosing philosophical issues for the seminar, we have considerable latittude. We should look at some traditional problems, but we should also look at very current issues and work in the field. As time permits, we will try a systematic and synoptic approach to topics in one or more areas of philosophy.

Course activities, readings, and assignments are organized in the on-line schedule and more information about the range of assignments you can pursue in the course can be found in the "assignments" section of the course website.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Alfino, Department of Philosophy, Campion Hall 203, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington 99258

Office Hours: See

Office: (509) 313-6753 | Cell: (509) 499-8255


Students in my courses should feel free to call me at home if the other phone numbers do not find me.


  1. . You must complete all work in the course to receive a grade.
  2. . You must disclose any work that you are turning in for this course that you are submitting or have submitted for other courses.
  3. . You must comply with all university policies concerning academic honesty.