Philosophy of Italian Culture

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General Resources

Assignments and some scores

Other Links

  • NYRB article, Stille, Alexander "The Pope Who Tried" (on ereserves)
  • Excerpt from Lanzia cookbook on Fesitval of San Giuseppe. Media:SanGiuseppefrLanziaCookbook.pdf
  • Documentary on Italian immigration [3]
  • Signalling Theory -- this mentioned as an important development in theory related to explanation of culture. Take a minute for the wiki introduction. [4]
  • Berlusconi's 10 worst gaffes. [5]
  • Atlantic article, "4 Reasons Italy's Economy is Such a Disaster" [6]


  • Example of how Geertz is being used in contemporary scholarship [7]
  • Anthropology, Inc and the Coolhunt: Here's an article that a student in a related class found on how anthropology is being used today for market research. Very interesting for developing your intuitions on ethnography [8]. It reminded me of an older piece by Malcolm Gladwell that is somewhat famous: The Coolhunt [9]

Italian History Links


  • "Just-so Stories" [[12]]
  • Minder and Ferriter presentation on Epigenetics: Open this powerpoint [13] and audio [14] to replay this presentation.