Majors' Seminar: Philosophical Writing and Style

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Main Links

Documents, Readings, and Miscellaneous things

Resources on Method

Research Resources

  • Of course, Wikipedia!
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [1]
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy [2]
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosopy, on Foley site [3]
  • Philosopher's Index, on Foley site [4]
  • Google Scholar [5]
  • Perseus Collections Text [6]

Other Docs/Links

  • [Powerpoint] and [Audio] for "What Can We Learn from Postmodern Theories of Meaning and Truth?," talk, Gonzaga University, March 27, 2012.

Philosophy mags, blogs, and other browsing

  • Cafe Philosophy: [7]
  • Philosophy Now [8]
  • Philosopher's Magazine [9]
  • The Stone. The New York Times has a regular column, "The Stone," on philosophical topics [10]
  • Two favorite browsing sites, though not exclusively philosophical: Arts and Letters Daily [11] and Three Quarks [12]
  • False Belief Test [13]
  • Here is the publication The Speculative Turn, for more reading on Speculative Philosophy. The editor's introduction gives a concise introduction to speculative thinking thus far. [14]

Philosophy Profession

  • Philosophy News on job placements for new Ph.D.s [15]. Data from GU's MA program: [16]
  • PhilEvents is a website that lists conferences and calls for papers:


  • As a follow up to our science class, you might find this essay by Steven Weinberg relevant. [17]

We'll follow the exchange on naturalism, which begins with this article [19].

  • Check out "Philosophy Talk" a long running podcast on different topics in philosophy today.
  • Books to consider for book groups: Logicomix, All things Shining, The Really Hard Problem, NEW: The World Outside Your Head.
  • Fora TV, a great resource for debates and scientific talks, similar to Ted talks.[20]
  • Relativism, ethnocentric issues highlighted in bizarre African documentary on Austrian customs. [21]
  • Video for the Trolley Problem [22]
  • Info about the Film and Philosophy conference
  • First episode of Michael Sandel's video series "Justice." Reminds me of an Ethics class with a political and real world emphasis. [23]
  • Randy Mayes has collected some short philosophy video to go along with his intro class. I recommend sampling some of these for topics and position papers. [24]
  • Anyone interested in classical philosophers and want their original texts would be interested in this site [25] I've used it to look up The Meno, but I'm assuming more stuff is on here.
  • 3 minute philosophy!!! [26]
  • Free Yale Philosophy class called "Death" [27]
  • Squashed Philosophy [28] -- a summary of many different works. Great if you need to get an idea of what's what.
  • Interactive Greek Philosophy Timeline [29] Creeder 02:46, 6 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Monty Python's World Philosophy Cup [30]
  • Now this is a satire, but relevant to our readings by Singer. Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal [31] (Ethan)
  • Teaching ethics to inmates, you may be surprised what you read. [32]
  • TED Philosophy Videos [33]
  • Philosophy of Food Project [34]
  • This issue of the AAUP's journal on academic freedom focuses on the Steven Salaida case.[35]
  • Link to an article about the background and significance of Gilles Deleuze in preparation for the readings for September 9 [36]
  • Example of an extended philosophy bibliography. Kaplan's Food Bibliography
  • Soylent [37]
  • French Farmer Protests [38]
  • Moral Psych piece.[39]


  • Timeline Examples: