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==Recent and Current Work==
==Recent and Current Work==
:*"Some Limits of Transparency in Promoting Intellectual Freedom," [[Media:Some_Limits_of_Transparency_in_Promoting_Intellectual_Freedom.pdf]] [[Notes for Some Limits of transparency in the Promoting Intellectual Freedom]]
:*"[http://alfino.org/CopyingCultureValues.htm Copying, Culture, and Values]," Ethics of Copying Conference, Bielefeld, Germany, July 8-12, 2014.
:*"[[Innovative Course Design]]," Proseminar for Gonzaga-in-Florence Faculty, Monday, June 16, 2014. 
:*with Laura Koltutsky, ''Intellectual Freedom: Concepts, Theories, and Cases,'' Litwin Press, 2014.
:*"One Value of the Scientific Study of Religion," [[http://prezi.com/wjfhq0kxkb3p/why-the-scientific-study-of-religion-is-important/?kw=view-wjfhq0kxkb3p&rc=ref-17126768]]
:*[[http://guweb2.gonzaga.edu/faculty/alfino/ValueofScienceofReligion.mp3]]. Load the prezi and start the mp3.
==Other Stuff==
==Other Stuff==

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